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The 4th Annual OKDR® Kobudo Training and Friendship Gasshuku

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"Karate Master's Portrait Project"

Sensei's Gakiya and Stolsmark

Chris Wilson photographer,

April 18, 2013 Nago, Okinawa Japan




The Meaning of the Crest:


The symbol in the center is called “Hidari Mitsu-Domoe (three souls circling clockwise) which is the crest of Ryukyu(Okinawa) royal families, and we decorate nine crowns around the symbol. 


Our crest expresses the hope that Okinawa Kobudo, the traditional Okinawa martial arts, will expand and develop through out the world by Kushu-Rengyou and Kugyou-Kyukyoku of our comrades.


Kushu-Rengyou:  Be skilled in martial arts through many years of training.


Kugyou-Kyukyoku:  Master the true martial arts through unbearable practice.


 *Nine crowns and Kushu-Rengyou, Kugyou-Kyukyoku

Nine crowns express Kushu-Rengyou and Kugyou-Kyukyoku  by using the same beginning sounds of each of the words. (Nine is pronounced “Ku” in Japanese).



As of February 22nd 2013


"OKDR" and the nine crown crest symbol are "Registered Trademarks" of the organization and can not be reproduced

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