Therapeutic Massage



Healing Touch Therapeutic Massage, LLC uses a blended approach to therapeutic massage by combining principles of traditional Western style massage (Swedish/ Deep Tissue) with Tui Na from the East.

Tui Na (aka Chinese Medical Massage) was developed over thousands of years in China and is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Often used in conjunction with Acupressure, fire cupping and Guasha, this method of body work is used to get Qi, or vital energy, moving throughout the meridians and muscles of the body.

Take Advantage of these introductory rates!

1 hour massage…..$50

1 1⁄2 hour massage…..$70

2 hour massage……$90

He a l i n g T o u c h T h e r a p e u t i c Ma s s a g e , l l c

Dawn D. Bublitz….member

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